Library Books (2017)

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HBA Library Books available to borrow
Author Title
A.E.S Hymenopterist’s Handbook
ABBOTT Me and the Bee
ABBOTT Queen Breeding for Amateurs
ABERCROMBIE A Dictionary of Biology
ADAM In Search of the Best Strains of Bees
ADAM Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey
ADAM Breeding the Honeybee
ADEY & WALKER Pest Control safe for Bees
AEBI Art & Adventure of Beekeeping
AEBI Mastering the Art of Beekeeping Volume 2
AGR. EXP.STATION Biology & External Morphology of Bees
AHLBERG Mr Buzz the Beeman
ALBRECHT Discourse on Bee Culture [Latin text]
ALBRECHT/VERNON Discourse on Bee Culture [English translation]
ALFORD Bumble Bees
ALFORD Insect Atlas of the British Isles Part 3 Bumble Bees
ALFORD Life of the Bumble Bee
ALLEN Beekeeping with 20 Hives
ALSTON Skeps: Their History, Making and Use
ALSTON Hives and Honeybees in Signs and Symbols
ALTHEA About Bees & Honey
ANDREWES Lives of Wasps and Bees
ANDREWS Mead and Mead Making
ANON Potpourri & Other Fragrant Compounds & Recipes
APIMONDIA Genetics selection & reprod. of the honeybee
APIMONDIA Complete text of 21st Congress – Maryland USA
APIMONDIA Hive Products: food; health & beauty
APIMONDIA Varroasis – Honeybee Disease
APIS CLUB (BETTS) Diseases of Bees
ARMITT Beekeeping for Recreation & Profit
ATKINSON Background to Beekeeping
B.B.K.A Modern Beekeeping
B.B.K.A Honeybee Anatomy
B.B.K.A Bees in the Curriculum
BAILEY Infectious diseases of the Honeybee
BAILEY Honeybee Pathology
BARRATT Whole-time Beekeeping
BARTHOLOMEUS Bestiary Book XII – with translation
BASTIN Insect Communities
BATES Introduction to Bee Houses
BECK Honey and Your Health
BECKLEY Keeping Bees
BEECH  (ED) Home-made Wines  Syrups & Cordials
BENBOW The Urban Beekeeper
BENJAMIN & McCALLUM A World without Bees
BENT Swarm Control Survey
BERTHOLD Beeswax Crafting
BETTS Diseases of Bees
BETTS Practical Bee Anatomy
BIELBY Home Honey Production
BONNEY Hive Management A Seasonal Guide
BORD Honey – Natural Food and Healer
BOWEN Bees Illustrated Part 1 Outline of Swarm Prevention
BRETT Honey from your Garden
BRIAN Social Insect Populations
BROWN Beeswax
BROWN 1000 years of Devon Beekeeping
BROWN A Simple 2-Queen System
BROWN Great Masters of Beekeeping
BROWN A Bee Melody
BUCHSBAUM Animals Without Backbones- Vol 1
BUCHSBAUM Animals Without Backbones- Vol 2
BUCKLE Do you know about Honeybees?
BUTLER Honeybee
BUTLER World of the Honeybee
BUTLER The World of the Honeybee
BUZZARD Shining Hours
CALDER Oilseed Rape and Bees
CALDER Recipes using Beeswax
CALDER Honey Favourites
CALDER Health from Honey
CAMPBELL Harry’s Bee
CANADA A Canadian Honey Recipe Book
CARON Africanised Honey Bees in the Americas
CARSON Silent Spring
CARTER Bees & Honey
CARTLAND Magic of Honey
CHAPMAN Honeybee and her Master
CHAPMAN Constructive Beekeeping
CHAPMAN The Bee Shelter at Hartpury
CHARLES Somerset Beekeepers & Beekeeping Assoc a history 1875-2005
CHAUVIN The World of an Insect
CHEESEMAN Insects Indomitable
CHESHIRE Practical Beekeeping
CLARK Beekeeping
CLEMENTS A.W.Gale; The Man and the Business
COMSTOCK Introduction to Entomology
CONNOR (ED) Asian Apiculture
COOK Queen Rearing Simplified
COOPER Honeybees of the British Isles
COTTON Manual of N.Z. Beekeeping
COUSTON Principles of Practical Beekeeping
COWAN Beneficial..Pollination of Fruit by Bees
COWAN Waxcraft
CRANE Dictionary of Beekeep’g Terms [Eng/Fr/Gmn/Dut/Lat]
CRANE Book of Honey
CRANE The Archeology of Beekeeping
CRANE Bees & Beekeeping
CRANE World History of Beekeeping
CRANE The Archeology of Beekeeping
CRANE Dictionary of Beekeep’g Terms [Eng/Fr/Gmn/Dut/Lat]
CRANE & WALKER Impact of Pest Management on bees & pollination
CRIBB Beekeeping That Pays
CROFT Curiosities of Beeeeping
CROMPTON The Hunting Wasp
CROWDER The Flying Nation
CURRY, GRAYSON & HOSEY Under the Microscope
D.A.R.G Living with Varroasis Jacobsoni
DADANT Dadant Systems of Beekeeping
DADANT First Lessons in Beekeeping
DADANT Beekeeping Questions and Answers
DADE Laboratory Diagnosis of Honeybee Diseases
DADE Anatomy & Dissection of the Honeybee
DALBY Honey Recipes for Microwave Cookery
DALLAS Elements of Entomology
DARWIN Origin of the Species
DAVIES The Honeybee inside out
DAVIS Beekeeping in the Swarming Season
DEANS Beekeeping Techniques
DEANS Bees & Beekeeping
DEANS Beekeeper’s Encyclopedia
DELAPLANE & MAYER Crop Pollination by Bees
DENNIS Background to Mead Making
DEWS & MILNER Breeding Better Bees
DIEMER Bees and Beekeeping
DINES Honeybees from Close-Up
DODD Bee Masters of the Past
DOERING A Bee is Born
DOOLITTLE Management of Out-Apiaries
DOOLITTLE Scientific Queen Rearing
DUBLON Practical Queen Rearing
DUFFIN  (ET AL.) Beeswax Crafts
DUGAT The Skyscraper Hive
DUMMELOW The Wax Chandlers of London
DUNNING The Key of the Hive
ECKERT & SHAW Beekeeping
EDWARDES Lore of the Honeybee
EDWARDES Beekeeping for All A Manual of Honey Craft
EDWARDES Beemaster of Warrilow
EDWARDES Apiary Hygiene
EDWARDES Beekeeping for All A Manual of Honey Craft
EDWARDS Social Wasps
EDWARDS & WRATTEN Ecology of Insect-Plant Interactions
ELLIS Sweetness and Light
ELTRINGHAM Senses of Insects
ERICKSON (ET AL) Scanning Electron Microscope Atlas of Honeybees
ERITH White Clover
EVRARD Mystery of the Hive
FABRE Wonders of Instinct
FABRE Mason Bees
FABRE Bramble Bees
FATIGATI BZZZ A Bee Keepers Primer
FELTWELL Beekeeping
FIELD Honey by the Ton
FLOWER Beekeeping Up-to-Date
FORD Mendelism and Evolution
FOSTER Close-up of a Honeybee
FOSTER Bee Boles & Bee Houses
FRANCON Mind of the Bees
FRASER History of Beekeeping in Britain
FRASER Anton Janscha on the Swarming of Bees
FRASER Beekeeping in Antiquity
FREE Honeybees
FREE Honeybee Biology
FREE Bees and Mankind
FREE (ED) Keeping Bees
FRIMSTON & SMITH Beekeeping and the Law
FRISCH A Biologist Remembers
FRISCH The Dancing Bees
FRISCH The Dances of the Honeybee
FRISCH Bees: Their Vision; Chemical Senses & Language
FRISCH The Dance Language and Orientation of Bees
FURNESS Honey Wines and Beers
GALTON Survey of 1000 years of Beekeeping in Russia
GAMBLE Beekeeping [YFC]
GAMBLE A Smallholder Broadcasts
GAYRE Wassail in Mazers of Mead
GAYRE Brewing Mead- Wassail in Mazers of Mead
GEARY Profitable Beekeeping
GEARY A Beekeeper’s Vade-Mecum
GEORGE The Beekeepers Pupil
GIBB & HARMAN Bee Hive to Beekeeper
GIBB & HARMAN Bee Space to Bee Hive
GILMAN Practical Bee Breeding
GOODMAN & FISHER The Behaviour & Physiology of Bees
GOULD The Honey Bee
GRAHAM The Hive and the Honeybee
GREE Little Tom finds out about Bees
GREEN The Oilseed Rape Book
GREGG Philosophy and Practice of Beekeeping
GROUT The Hive and the Honeybee
GUNSTON The Farmers & Farm Students Handbook
H & IOW BKA Jubilee Report
Halifax BKA Yorkshire Honey Cookbook
HAMILTON The Art of Beekeeping
HANSEN Honeybee Brood Diseases
HARLAND Wheelbarrow Farm
HARMAN Favorite American Honey Recipes
HARRISON Book of the Honeybee
HARWOOD British Bee Plants
HASLUCK Beehives & Beekeepers’ Appliances
HAWKS Bees Shown to the Children
HAYES Nectar-producing Plants & their Pollen
HEAF The Bee Friendly Beekeeper
HEATH A Case of Hives
HEINRICH In a Patch of Fireweed
HENREY Flower Portraits
HERROD-HEMPSALL Producing & Preparing Bee Produce
HERROD-HEMPSALL The Beekeeper’s Guide
HERROD-HEMPSALL Beekeeping Simplified
HERROD-HEMPSALL Anatomy Physiology & Nat.History of Honeybees
HESSAYON The Cereal Disease Expert
HODGES Pollen Loads of the Honeybee
HOLM Biology of Flowers
HOOPER Commonsense Beekeeping
HOOPER & TAYLOR Beekeeper’s Garden
HOOPER & TAYLOR The Bee Friendly Garden
HOWES Plants and Beekeeping
HOYT World of Bees
HUBBELL A Book of Bees
HUBBELL A Country Year
HUTCHINSON Advanced Bee Culture
HYDE British Insects
I.B.R.A Garden Plants Valuable to Bees
I.B.R.A. Apicultural Reesearch on Varroa
I.T.P.L Simple Method of Candle Manufacture
IMMS Insect Natural History
IMMS Social Behaviour in Insects
IPSEN What Does a Bee See?
JACKSON Beekeeping for Beginners
JAMES Beekeeping for Beginners & Others
JAYCOX Beekeeping Tips and Topic_x0001_
JENYNS Book about Bees
JEPSON Biological Drawings [part 1]
JEPSON Biological Drawings [part 2]
JOHANSEN & MAYER Pollinator Protection
JOHANSSEN Some Important Operations in Bee Management
JOHNSTON A Nomad Amongst the Beees
JONES Traditional Welsh Honey Recipes
KAPRAL Little Lost Bee
KENNEDY-BELL Joys of Beekeeping
KILLION Honey in the Comb
KIRK Colour Guide to the Pollen Loads of the Honey Bee
KIRKWOOD Plant & Flower Forms
KLEIJN & VERMEULEN Beauty of the Wild Plant
LADYBIRD Life of the Honeybee
LAIDLAW Contemporary Queen Rearing
LANGSTROTH On the Hive and the Honeybee
LATTER Bees and Wasps
LAVINE The Wonders of the Hive
LAWES The Bee Book Book
LAWSON Honeycraft
LEVANDOVSKA World of the Bee
LEVETT Ordering of Bees (1634)
LIEBIG Chemistry in its Application to Apiculture
LIGHTNING Charles Nash Abbott
LINDAUER Communication among Social Bees
LINSSEN & NEWMAN Common British Insects and Spiders (Observer’s Book)
LONGMEAD Bees, Hives and Honey
LOVELL The Flower and the Bee
LUND A Man and his Bees
M.A.F.F Codes of Practice for Spraying
M.A.F.F Diseases of Bees
MACE Adventures among the Bees
MACE Bees Flowers and Fruit
MACE Beekeeping Annual
MACE Bee Farming in Britain
MACE A Book about the Bee
MACE Bee Matters and Bee Masters
MACE Beekeeping Associations (Critical Survey) 
MACE Some Other Bees
MACE Modern Beeekeeping
MACE The Beekeeper’s Handbook
MACE Practical Beekeeping
MACE Beeswax & Bee Gardens (2 leaflets inside H430)
MACE The Complete Handbook of Bee Keeping
MACFIE Practical Beekeeping and Honey Production
MACGREGOR Insect Pollination of Cultivated Crop Plants
MACNICOL The Young Beekeeper
MAETERLINCK Life of the Bee
MAETERLINCK Childrens’ Life of the Bee
MAETERLINCK Life of the Ant
MAF (NZ) Control of Varroa Guide for NZ Beekeepers
MANLEY Honey Production in the British Isles
MANLEY Beekeeping in Britain
MANLEY Honey Farming
MANLEY Honey Production in the British Isles
MANLEY Beekeeping in Britain
MANLEY Honey Production in the British Isles
MANLEY Honey Farming
MATHESON Living with Varroa
MATHESON Forage for Bees in an Agricultral Landscape
MAYNE A Swarm in May
MEAD Honey Cookery
MESQUIDA Elements of Genetics..especially Bees
METCALF Bee Community
MEYER Beekeeper’s Handbook
MEYER Basic Beekeeping
MILLER Fifty Years among the Bees
MITCHELL Bees of the Eastern United States (Vol 2)
MITCHENER Social Behaviour of the Bees
MOBUS & CONNOR Varroa Handbook
MOBUS & DE BRUYN The New Varroa Handbook
MOLLAN Royal Dublin Society on Bee Husbandry Reprinted Papers
MORE Ideas for Interesting Gardens
MORE The Bee Book
MORE Discovering Beekeeping
MORLEY Evolution of an Insect Society
MORSE Comb Honey Production
MORSE Complete Guide to Beekeeping
MORSE Rearing Queen Honeybees
MORSE A Year in the Bee-Yard
MORSE Honeybee Pests  Predators & Diseases
MORSE & HOOPER Illustrated Encyclopedia of Beekeeping
MOUNTAIN Trees & Shrubs valuable to Bees
MOYLE Asthma and Hayfever
MUNN & JONES Varroa – Fight the Mite
NICHOLS & WALKER Producing Honey in Australia
NICOL The New Candle Book
NIXON World of Bees
NORRIS About Honey
NOVAK Insect Hormones
ONSTOTT Beekeeping as a Hobby
ONTARIO D.AG Beekeeping in Ontario
OREL & ROZMER Mendel as a Beekeeper
OWSIANKA The Legend of the Hive
PAIN Lesser Worlds
PAVORD Bees and Beekeeping
PEARSON Bee Stings
PELLETT Living from Bees
PELLETT Practical Queen Rearing
PERCIVAL Floral Biology
PHILLIPS Beekeeping
POWELL World of a Beehive
PRICE Price on Beekeeping
PROCTOR & YEO Pollination of Flowers
PRYCE-JONES Bumblebees
PUGH History of Meon Valley Beekeepers
RANSOME The Sacred Bee
RATCLIFFE Beekeepers’ Folly
REMINGTON Insects of the World
RENDL The Way of the Bee
RENNIE Acarine Disease in Hive Bees
RENNIE & HARVEY Bee Disease Investigation
RENNIE Acarine Disease Explained
RIBBANDS Behaviour & Social Life of the Honeybee
RICHES Beekeeping
RICHES Medical Aspects of Beekeeping
RIMMER History of Manx Beekeeping
ROOD Ants and Bees
ROOT ABC & XYZ of Beek Culture
ROOT ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture (1962)
ROOT Honey Cook Book
ROSS Textbook of Entomology
ROTH Praktische bienenzucht
ROTHAMSTED PAPERS Cause and Control of Swarming
ROUNCE Honey from Source to Sale & Show Bench
ROWE Rose Hive Method
ROWLAND-ENTWISTLE Habits and Habitats of Insects
RUSSELL Spray Liaison
SAJO Unsere honigbienen
SAMMATARO & AVITALILE The Beekeepers Handbook
SAUNDERS Wild Bees Wasps and Ants
SAWYER Pollen Identification for Beekeepers
SAWYER Honey Identification
SCHOFIELD Teach Yourself Beekeeping
SCOTT Backyard Beekeeping
SCOTTISH BKA Introduction to Bees & Beekeeping
SECHRIST Honey Getting
SECHRIST Amateur Beekeeping
SEELEY Honeybee Democracy
SHIDA Bee Keeping – A Thornhill Guide
SHIPLEY Studies in Insect Life
SHORT Introduction to Applied Entomology
SHOWLER Observation Hive
SHULMAN Herb & Honey Cookery
SIMMINS A Modern Bee Farm
SINCLAIR Life of the Honey-bee  (Ladybird series)
SLADEN Queen Rearing in England
SLADEN The Humble Bee
SMART Insects. Instructions for Collectors
SMITH Beekeeping in the Tropics
SMITH Beekeeping
SMITH The Hive (Australian Govt)
SMITH Queen Rearing Simplified
SMITH Better Queens
SMITH Beekeeping in the Tropics
SMITH William Charles Cotton MA 1813-1879
SNELGROVE Swarming. Control and Prevention.
SNODGRASS Anatomy & Physiology of the Honeybee
SNODGRASS Anatomy of the Honeybee
SPOCZYNCKA World of the Wasp
STANTON Wild Flowers (Ladybird Series)
STEP British Insect Life
STEPHENS-POTTER Beekeeper’s Manual
STRATTON-PORTER Keeper of the Bees
STUART Beekeeping Practice
STUART City of the Bees
STURGES Practical Beekeeping
TAYLOR Bees for Beginners
TAYLOR Insect Life in Britain
TAYLOR Flowers: their origin shape perfume & colour
TAYLOR The New Comb Honey Book
TAYLOR The Joys of Beekeeping
TAYLOR Bee Appliances and How to use them
TEALE Golden Throng
TINBERGEN Animal Behaviour
TINSLEY Beekeeping up-to-date
TINSLEY That Year at Cornborough
TOMPKINS & GRIFFITH Practical Beekeeping
URQUHART Keeping Honeybees
VERNON Hogs at the Honeypot
VERNON IBRA Collection of Historical Beekeeping items
VERNON Hogs at the Honeypot
VERNON Teach Yourself Beekeeping (2nd edn)
VINCENT Adventures at Honey Bee Hive
VIRGIL Eclogues –  Georgics: Aenid I-VI
WADEY Introducing beekeeping
WADEY Bee Craftsman
WADEY Behaviour of Bees and Beekeepers
WAINE Background to Beekeeping
WATTS Honeybee
WEBB Beekeeping for Profit and Pleasure
WEBSTER Book of Beekeeping
WEDMORE Manual of Beekeeping
WEDMORE Ventilation of Beehives
WEDMORE Successful Beekeeping
WENNER Bee Language Controversy
WHITE Normal Bacterial Flora of the Bee
WHITE Honey in the Kitchen
WHITE More Honey in the Kitchen
WHITE Pollen. Collection & Preparation for microscope
WHITE Super Formulas – Arts & Crafts
WHITEHEAD Bees to the Heather
WHITEHEAD Honeybees and their Management?
WIGGLESWORTH Insect Physiology
WILDMAN Treatise on the Management of Bees 1770
WILLIAMS Story of the Hive
WILLIAMS & WILSON Towards Regulated Cropping
WILSON The Hive – Story of the Honey Bee and Us
WINSTON The Biology of the Honey Bee
WINTER Beekeeping in New Zealand
WISE Home-made Country Wines;Beer;Mead & Metheglin
WORKMAN Honey Recipes
WYATT Microscopes
YATES Beekeeping Study Notes – Basic, SBKA Basic & FIBKA Prelim.
YATES Beekeeping Study Notes modules 1 2 3 & 4
YATES Beekeeping Study Notes Module 9
YATES Beekeeping Study Notes – Practical
YEO Solitary Wasps
  Bees at School – a diary from a school garden