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HBA Library Books available to borrow
A.E.SHymenopterist’s Handbook
ABBOTTMe and the Bee
ABBOTTQueen Breeding for Amateurs
ABERCROMBIEA Dictionary of Biology
ADAMIn Search of the Best Strains of Bees
ADAMBeekeeping at Buckfast Abbey
ADAMBreeding the Honeybee
ADEY & WALKERPest Control safe for Bees
AEBIArt & Adventure of Beekeeping
AEBIMastering the Art of Beekeeping Volume 2
AGR. EXP.STATIONBiology & External Morphology of Bees
AHLBERGMr Buzz the Beeman
ALBRECHTDiscourse on Bee Culture [Latin text]
ALBRECHT/VERNONDiscourse on Bee Culture [English translation]
ALFORDBumble Bees
ALFORDInsect Atlas of the British Isles Part 3 Bumble Bees
ALFORDLife of the Bumble Bee
ALLENBeekeeping with 20 Hives
ALSTONSkeps: Their History, Making and Use
ALSTONHives and Honeybees in Signs and Symbols
ALTHEAAbout Bees & Honey
ANDREWESLives of Wasps and Bees
ANDREWSMead and Mead Making
ANONPotpourri & Other Fragrant Compounds & Recipes
APIMONDIAGenetics selection & reprod. of the honeybee
APIMONDIAComplete text of 21st Congress – Maryland USA
APIMONDIAHive Products: food; health & beauty
APIMONDIAVarroasis – Honeybee Disease
APIS CLUB (BETTS)Diseases of Bees
ARMITTBeekeeping for Recreation & Profit
ATKINSONBackground to Beekeeping
B.B.K.AModern Beekeeping
B.B.K.AHoneybee Anatomy
B.B.K.ABees in the Curriculum
BAILEYInfectious diseases of the Honeybee
BAILEYHoneybee Pathology
BARRATTWhole-time Beekeeping
BARTHOLOMEUSBestiary Book XII – with translation
BASTINInsect Communities
BATESIntroduction to Bee Houses
BECKHoney and Your Health
BECKLEYKeeping Bees
BEECH  (ED)Home-made Wines  Syrups & Cordials
BENBOWThe Urban Beekeeper
BENJAMIN & McCALLUMA World without Bees
BENTSwarm Control Survey
BERTHOLDBeeswax Crafting
BETTSDiseases of Bees
BETTSPractical Bee Anatomy
BIELBYHome Honey Production
BONNEYHive Management A Seasonal Guide
BORDHoney – Natural Food and Healer
BOWENBees Illustrated Part 1 Outline of Swarm Prevention
BRETTHoney from your Garden
BRIANSocial Insect Populations
BROWN1000 years of Devon Beekeeping
BROWNA Simple 2-Queen System
BROWNGreat Masters of Beekeeping
BROWNA Bee Melody
BUCHSBAUMAnimals Without Backbones- Vol 1
BUCHSBAUMAnimals Without Backbones- Vol 2
BUCKLEDo you know about Honeybees?
BUTLERWorld of the Honeybee
BUTLERThe World of the Honetbee
BUZZARDShining Hours
CALDEROilseed Rape and Bees
CALDERRecipes using Beeswax
CALDERHoney Favourites
CALDERHealth from Honey
CANADAA Canadian Honey Recipe Book
CARONAfricanised Honey Bees in the Americas
CARSONSilent Spring
CARTERBees & Honey
CARTLANDMagic of Honey
CHAPMANHoneybee and her Master
CHAPMANConstructive Beekeeping
CHAPMANThe Bee Shelter at Hartpury
CHARLESSomerset Beekeepers & Beekeeping Assoc a history 1875-2005
CHAUVINThe World of an Insect
CHEESEMANInsects Indomitable
CHESHIREPractical Beekeeping
CLEMENTSA.W.Gale; The Man and the Business
COMSTOCKIntroduction to Entomology
CONNOR (ED)Asian Apiculture
COOKQueen Rearing Simplified
COOPERHoneybees of the British Isles
COTTONManual of N.Z. Beekeeping
COUSTONPrinciples of Practical Beekeeping
COWANBeneficial..Pollination of Fruit by Bees
CRANEDictionary of Beekeep’g Terms [Eng/Fr/Gmn/Dut/Lat]
CRANEBook of Honey
CRANEThe Archeology of Beekeeping
CRANEBees & Beekeeping
CRANEWorld History of Beekeeping
CRANEThe Archeology of Beekeeping
CRANEDictionary of Beekeep’g Terms [Eng/Fr/Gmn/Dut/Lat]
CRANE & WALKERImpact of Pest Management on bees & pollination
CRIBBBeekeeping That Pays
CROFTCuriosities of Beeeeping
CROMPTONThe Hunting Wasp
CROWDERThe Flying Nation
CURRY, GRAYSON & HOSEYUnder the Microscope
D.A.R.GLiving with Varroasis Jacobsoni
DADANTDadant Systems of Beekeeping
DADANTFirst Lessons in Beekeeping
DADANTBeekeeping Questions and Answers
DADELaboratory Diagnosis of Honeybee Diseases
DADEAnatomy & Dissection of the Honeybee
DALBYHoney Recipes for Microwave Cookery
DALLASElements of Entomology
DARWINOrigin of the Species
DAVIESThe Honeybee inside out
DAVISBeekeeping in the Swarming Season
DEANSBeekeeping Techniques
DEANSBees & Beekeeping
DEANSBeekeeper’s Encyclopedia
DELAPLANE & MAYERCrop Pollination by Bees
DENNISBackground to Mead Making
DEWS & MILNERBreeding Better Bees
DIEMERBees and Beekeeping
DINESHoneybees from Close-Up
DODDBee Masters of the Past
DOERINGA Bee is Born
DOOLITTLEManagement of Out-Apiaries
DOOLITTLEScientific Queen Rearing
DUBLONPractical Queen Rearing
DUFFIN  (ET AL.)Beeswax Crafts
DUGATThe Skyscraper Hive
DUMMELOWThe Wax Chandlers of London
DUNNINGThe Key of the Hive
ECKERT & SHAWBeekeeping
EDWARDESLore of the Honeybee
EDWARDESBeekeeping for All A Manual of Honey Craft
EDWARDESBeemaster of Warrilow
EDWARDESApiary Hygiene
EDWARDESBeekeeping for All A Manual of Honey Craft
EDWARDSSocial Wasps
EDWARDS & WRATTENEcology of Insect-Plant Interactions
ELLISSweetness and Light
ELTRINGHAMSenses of Insects
ERICKSON (ET AL)Scanning Electron Microscope Atlas of Honeybees
ERITHWhite Clover
EVRARDMystery of the Hive
FABREWonders of Instinct
FABREMason Bees
FABREBramble Bees
FATIGATIBZZZ A Bee Keepers Primer
FIELDHoney by the Ton
FLOWERBeekeeping Up-to-Date
FORDMendelism and Evolution
FOSTERClose-up of a Honeybee
FOSTERBee Boles & Bee Houses
FRANCONMind of the Bees
FRASERHistory of Beekeeping in Britain
FRASERAnton Janscha on the Swarming of Bees
FRASERBeekeeping in Antiquity
FREEHoneybee Biology
FREEBees and Mankind
FREE (ED)Keeping Bees
FRIMSTON & SMITHBeekeeping and the Law
FRISCHA Biologist Remembers
FRISCHThe Dancing Bees
FRISCHThe Dances of the Honeybee
FRISCHBees: Their Vision; Chemical Senses & Language
FRISCHThe Dance Language and Orientation of Bees
FURNESSHoney Wines and Beers
GALTONSurvey of 1000 years of Beekeeping in Russia
GAMBLEBeekeeping [YFC]
GAMBLEA Smallholder Broadcasts
GAYREWassail in Mazers of Mead
GAYREBrewing Mead- Wassail in Mazers of Mead
GEARYProfitable Beekeeping
GEARYA Beekeeper’s Vade-Mecum
GEORGEThe Beekeepers Pupil
GIBB & HARMANBee Hive to Beekeeper
GIBB & HARMANBee Space to Bee Hive
GILMANPractical Bee Breeding
GOODMAN & FISHERThe Behaviour & Physiology of Bees
GOULDThe Honey Bee
GRAHAMThe Hive and the Honeybee
GREELittle Tom finds out about Bees
GREENThe Oilseed Rape Book
GREGGPhilosophy and Practice of Beekeeping
GROUTThe Hive and the Honeybee
GUNSTONThe Farmers & Farm Students Handbook
H & IOW BKAJubilee Report
Halifax BKAYorkshire Honey Cookbook
HAMILTONThe Art of Beekeeping
HANSENHoneybee Brood Diseases
HARLANDWheelbarrow Farm
HARMANFavorite American Honey Recipes
HARRISONBook of the Honeybee
HARWOODBritish Bee Plants
HASLUCKBeehives & Beekeepers’ Appliances
HAWKSBees Shown to the Children
HAYESNectar-producing Plants & their Pollen
HEAFThe Bee Friendly Beekeeper
HEATHA Case of Hives
HEINRICHIn a Patch of Fireweed
HENREYFlower Portraits
HERROD-HEMPSALLProducing & Preparing Bee Produce
HERROD-HEMPSALLThe Beekeeper’s Guide
HERROD-HEMPSALLBeekeeping Simplified
HERROD-HEMPSALLAnatomy Physiology & Nat.History of Honeybees
HESSAYONThe Cereal Disease Expert
HODGESPollen Loads of the Honeybee
HOLMBiology of Flowers
HOOPERCommonsense Beekeeping
HOOPER & TAYLORBeekeeper’s Garden
HOOPER & TAYLORThe Bee Friendly Garden
HOWESPlants and Beekeeping
HOYTWorld of Bees
HUBBELLA Book of Bees
HUBBELLA Country Year
HUTCHINSONAdvanced Bee Culture
HYDEBritish Insects
I.B.R.AGarden Plants Valuable to Bees
I.B.R.A.Apicultural Reesearch on Varroa
I.T.P.LSimple Method of Candle Manufacture
IMMSInsect Natural History
IMMSSocial Behaviour in Insects
IPSENWhat Does a Bee See?
JACKSONBeekeeping for Beginners
JAMESBeekeeping for Beginners & Others
JAYCOXBeekeeping Tips and Topic_x0001_
JENYNSBook about Bees
JEPSONBiological Drawings [part 1]
JEPSONBiological Drawings [part 2]
JOHANSEN & MAYERPollinator Protection
JOHANSSENSome Important Operations in Bee Management
JOHNSTONA Nomad Amongst the Beees
JONESTraditional Welsh Honey Recipes
KAPRALLittle Lost Bee
KENNEDY-BELLJoys of Beekeeping
KILLIONHoney in the Comb
KIRKColour Guide to the Pollen Loads of the Honey Bee
KIRKWOODPlant & Flower Forms
KLEIJN & VERMEULENBeauty of the Wild Plant
LADYBIRDLife of the Honeybee
LAIDLAWContemporary Queen Rearing
LANGSTROTHOn the Hive and the Honeybee
LATTERBees and Wasps
LAVINEThe Wonders of the Hive
LAWESThe Bee Book Book
LEVANDOVSKAWorld of the Bee
LEVETTOrdering of Bees (1634)
LIEBIGChemistry in its Application to Apiculture
LIGHTNINGCharles Nash Abbott
LINDAUERCommunication among Social Bees
LINSSEN & NEWMANCommon British Insects and Spiders (Observer’s Book)
LONGMEADBees, Hives and Honey
LOVELLThe Flower and the Bee
LUNDA Man and his Bees
M.A.F.FCodes of Practice for Spraying
M.A.F.FDiseases of Bees
MACEAdventures among the Bees
MACEBees Flowers and Fruit
MACEBeekeeping Annual
MACEBee Farming in Britain
MACEA Book about the Bee
MACEBee Matters and Bee Masters
MACEBeekeeping Associations (Critical Survey) 
MACESome Other Bees
MACEModern Beeekeeping
MACEThe Beekeeper’s Handbook
MACEPractical Beekeeping
MACEBeeswax & Bee Gardens (2 leaflets inside H430)
MACEThe Complete Handbook of Bee Keeping
MACFIEPractical Beekeeping and Honey Production
MACGREGORInsect Pollination of Cultivated Crop Plants
MACNICOLThe Young Beekeeper
MAETERLINCKLife of the Bee
MAETERLINCKChildrens’ Life of the Bee
MAETERLINCKLife of the Ant
MAF (NZ)Control of Varroa Guide for NZ Beekeepers
MANLEYHoney Production in the British Isles
MANLEYBeekeeping in Britain
MANLEYHoney Farming
MANLEYHoney Production in the British Isles
MANLEYBeekeeping in Britain
MANLEYHoney Production in the British Isles
MANLEYHoney Farming
MATHESONLiving with Varroa
MATHESONForage for Bees in an Agricultral Landscape
MAYNEA Swarm in May
MEADHoney Cookery
MESQUIDAElements of Genetics..especially Bees
METCALFBee Community
MEYERBeekeeper’s Handbook
MEYERBasic Beekeeping
MILLERFifty Years among the Bees
MITCHELLBees of the Eastern United States (Vol 2)
MITCHENERSocial Behaviour of the Bees
MOBUS & CONNORVarroa Handbook
MOBUS & DE BRUYNThe New Varroa Handbook
MOLLANRoyal Dublin Society on Bee Husbandry Reprinted Papers
MOREIdeas for Interesting Gardens
MOREThe Bee Book
MOREDiscovering Beekeeping
MORLEYEvolution of an Insect Society
MORSEComb Honey Production
MORSEComplete Guide to Beekeeping
MORSERearing Queen Honeybees
MORSEA Year in the Bee-Yard
MORSEHoneybee Pests  Predators & Diseases
MORSE & HOOPERIllustrated Encyclopedia of Beekeeping
MOUNTAINTrees & Shrubs valuable to Bees
MOYLEAsthma and Hayfever
MUNN & JONESVarroa – Fight the Mite
NICHOLS & WALKERProducing Honey in Australia
NICOLThe New Candle Book
NIXONWorld of Bees
NORRISAbout Honey
NOVAKInsect Hormones
ONSTOTTBeekeeping as a Hobby
ONTARIO D.AGBeekeeping in Ontario
OREL & ROZMERMendel as a Beekeeper
OWSIANKAThe Legend of the Hive
PAINLesser Worlds
PAVORDBees and Beekeeping
PELLETTLiving from Bees
PELLETTPractical Queen Rearing
PERCIVALFloral Biology
POWELLWorld of a Beehive
PRICEPrice on Beekeeping
PROCTOR & YEOPollination of Flowers
PUGHHistory of Meon Valley Beekeepers
RANSOMEThe Sacred Bee
RATCLIFFEBeekeepers’ Folly
REMINGTONInsects of the World
RENDLThe Way of the Bee
RENNIEAcarine Disease in Hive Bees
RENNIE & HARVEYBee Disease Investigation
RENNIEAcarine Disease Explained
RIBBANDSBehaviour & Social Life of the Honeybee
RICHESMedical Aspects of Beekeeping
RIMMERHistory of Manx Beekeeping
ROODAnts and Bees
ROOTABC & XYZ of Beek Culture
ROOTABC & XYZ of Bee Culture (1962)
ROOTHoney Cook Book
ROSSTextbook of Entomology
ROTHPraktische bienenzucht
ROTHAMSTED PAPERSCause and Control of Swarming
ROUNCEHoney from Source to Sale & Show Bench
ROWERose Hive Method
ROWLAND-ENTWISTLEHabits and Habitats of Insects
RUSSELLSpray Liaison
SAJOUnsere honigbienen
SAMMATARO & AVITALILEThe Beekeepers Handbook
SAUNDERSWild Bees Wasps and Ants
SAWYERPollen Identification for Beekeepers
SAWYERHoney Identification
SCHOFIELDTeach Yourself Beekeeping
SCOTTBackyard Beekeeping
SCOTTISH BKAIntroduction to Bees & Beekeeping
SECHRISTHoney Getting
SECHRISTAmateur Beekeeping
SEELEYHoneybee Democracy
SHIDABee Keeping – A Thornhill Guide
SHIPLEYStudies in Insect Life
SHORTIntroduction to Applied Entomology
SHOWLERObservation Hive
SHULMANHerb & Honey Cookery
SIMMINSA Modern Bee Farm
SINCLAIRLife of the Honey-bee  (Ladybird series)
SLADENQueen Rearing in England
SLADENThe Humble Bee
SMARTInsects. Instructions for Collectors
SMITHBeekeeping in the Tropics
SMITHThe Hive (Australian Govt)
SMITHQueen Rearing Simplified
SMITHBetter Queens
SMITHBeekeeping in the Tropics
SMITHWilliam Charles Cotton MA 1813-1879
SNELGROVESwarming. Control and Prevention.
SNODGRASSAnatomy & Physiology of the Honeybee
SNODGRASSAnatomy of the Honeybee
SPOCZYNCKAWorld of the Wasp
STANTONWild Flowers (Ladybird Series)
STEPBritish Insect Life
STEPHENS-POTTERBeekeeper’s Manual
STRATTON-PORTERKeeper of the Bees
STUARTBeekeeping Practice
STUARTCity of the Bees
STURGESPractical Beekeeping
TAYLORBees for Beginners
TAYLORInsect Life in Britain
TAYLORFlowers: their origin shape perfume & colour
TAYLORThe New Comb Honey Book
TAYLORThe Joys of Beekeeping
TAYLORBee Appliances and How to use them
TEALEGolden Throng
TINBERGENAnimal Behaviour
TINSLEYBeekeeping up-to-date
TINSLEYThat Year at Cornborough
TOMPKINS & GRIFFITHPractical Beekeeping
URQUHARTKeeping Honeybees
VERNONHogs at the Honeypot
VERNONIBRA Collection of Historical Beekeeping items
VERNONHogs at the Honeypot
VERNONTeach Yourself Beekeeping (2nd edn)
VINCENTAdventures at Honey Bee Hive
VIRGILEclogues –  Georgics: Aenid I-VI
WADEYIntroducing beekeeping
WADEYBee Craftsman
WADEYBehaviour of Bees and Beekeepers
WAINEBackground to Beekeeping
WEBBBeekeeping for Profit and Pleasure
WEBSTERBook of Beekeeping
WEDMOREManual of Beekeeping
WEDMOREVentilation of Beehives
WEDMORESuccessful Beekeeping
WENNERBee Language Controversy
WHITENormal Bacterial Flora of the Bee
WHITEHoney in the Kitchen
WHITEMore Honey in the Kitchen
WHITEPollen. Collection & Preparation for microscope
WHITESuper Formulas – Arts & Crafts
WHITEHEADBees to the Heather
WHITEHEADHoneybees and their Management?
WIGGLESWORTHInsect Physiology
WILDMANTreatise on the Management of Bees 1770
WILLIAMSStory of the Hive
WILLIAMS & WILSONTowards Regulated Cropping
WILSONThe Hive – Story of the Honey Bee and Us
WINSTONThe Biology of the Honey Bee
WINTERBeekeeping in New Zealand
WISEHome-made Country Wines;Beer;Mead & Metheglin
WORKMANHoney Recipes
YATESBeekeeping Study Notes – Basic, SBKA Basic & FIBKA Prelim.
YATESBeekeeping Study Notes modules 1 2 3 & 4
YATESBeekeeping Study Notes Module 9
YATESBeekeeping Study Notes – Practical
YEOSolitary Wasps
 Bees at School – a diary from a school garden