Asian Hornet identified, Gosport September 2020

An Asian hornet has been positively identified in Gosport, Hampshire. Please read the Government press release.

Asian hornets (Vespa velutina) are easier to spot as the leaves fall from our deciduous trees and pollen and nectar on ivy (one of their favourites) becomes abundant. Honey bees are another favourite because they live as a colony so provide a feast, but no insect species is safe.

Please put a bait station, such as a plastic tray with some scrunched kitchen roll weighted down by a stone, topped with liquid, sugary bait or fallen fruit. Protect it from rain if possible. You can use a bird table but make sure you can watch visitors come and go; and if a suspected Asian hornet visits, take a photo.

Please report sightings using the ‘Asian hornet Watch’ app for Iphone and Android.

It is vital that members of the public are made aware of this threat; an increasing number of sightings are reported by people who are not beekeepers.
Please spread the word.