Taking Bees to the Heather

Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association is privileged to have an arrangement allowing us to take hives to selected sites in the New Forest during the heather season, which is between July and October. The benefits to beekeepers are that some wonderful heather honey is gathered, and that brood chambers are full; a good way to start winter. Choice of sites is on a first come basis; ‘old hands’ will have their own favourite location.
If you think you want to try, remember you will need strong and healthy colonies, free of disease, and with lots of capped brood ready to produce a young and energetic work force on site. There is a small charge per hive plus a deposit for a site key.
Details have been sent to all Hampshire beekeeping associations. If you are interested in taking your bees to the heather, please ask your association secretary for details.

Healthy Bee Day 2019

A “Healthy Bee Day” will be held at Awbridge Village Hall SO51 0HG on Saturday, 29th June from 9 am to 5 pm.

It is kindly sponsored by Bee Diseases Insurance and led by our seasonal bee inspector.

Only two such events are held in each NBU region each year so we are fortunate in having one in our county.


  • Apiary hygiene and disease control
  • Disease inspections
  • Disease comb recognition
  • European and American Foulbrood and other brood disorders
  • Small Hive Beetle and Tropilaelaps monitoring
  • Varroa – Integrated Pest Management
  • Asian Hornet update

The charge for the day is £10 per person. Light refreshments will be provided.

To book your place please email rdbkachair@gmail.com

You will need to bring:

  • A packed lunch (teas and coffees will be provided)
  • Your freshly cleaned bee suit or jacket and veil, boots and gloves. Leather gloves will not be permitted.

Please go to www.awbridgevillagehall.com/how_to_find_us.htm for directions to the hall. Parking availability is good.

Please note that the visit to the hives is weather dependent.