BBKA Modules and Assessments – Applications

The British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA) runs a varied education programme leading to a range of examinations in apiculture.

COVID-19 Notice: BBKA believes they will be able to hold the spring module exams on the weekend of 24th and 25th April 2021 using online invigilation, so that people can take module exams online in their own homes. Unfortunately, they will not be offering the module exams as written papers this spring due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.
The final application date for Module exams will be 31st January 2021 and candidates will be able to sit a maximum of two modules. Anyone who has already applied and does not want to take the exam online can have their entry transferred to November 2021 at no cost, when BBKA is planning to offer paper exams.

You can check the latest information at the BBKA website.

BBKA ModulesThe closing date for BBKA Modules to be taken online in February 2021 is 31st January 2021. All applications to take modules must be made online. More details can be found here as soon as they are available.
Dates and information about other practical assessments are as below.
However the following information is subject to Government regulations concerning Covid-19 in force during the summer.
Bee Health AssessmentThe closing date for the Bee Health Assessment will be announced by BBKA shortly. Dates for the assessments will be agreed with local association Education Co-ordinators to take place during the summer. All applications for the Bee Health Certificate should be sent to Jean Frost either by email or by post to 5 Pound Close, Upper Wield, ALRESFORD, SO24 9SH
General Husbandry and Advanced HusbandryDates for the General Husbandry and Advanced Husbandry assessments are agreed between the Exam Officer at BBKA and the candidate.
Application forms for all practical assessments must be sent to 6 Pound Close, Upper Wield, ALRESFORD, SO24 9SH or by email to Jean
Basic AssessmentDates for the Basic Assessment are agreed with local association Education co-ordinators and take place during the summer. The closing date for the Basic assessment is one month prior to taking the assessment, and the last assessment is on 31 August. However, in order for Jean to be able to co-ordinate dates with the assessors, if possible the application forms should be to be with Jean by 30 April.
This means that it is important to decide as soon as possible if you would like to take the assessment. Find out whether your association offers a ‘refresher course’ and book your place as soon as you can.

Please note that the two boxes at the foot of the forms should be completed (with Jean’s name and contact details or Pauline’s), and the candidate’s BBKA membership number and, if paying direct, their receipt number clearly marked in the relevant box. Please note the following regarding payment for entry to the Basic Assessment:

Payment for entering the Basic Assessment: The BBKA has launched a facility for candidates . You can now pay the entry fees for the Basic Assessment Examination through the BBKA web shop rather than having to telephone the office to pay by card. Please go to the BBKA shop, click on Exam Payments and follow the instructions. Click here for a screenshot of what to expect. Please be aware that the entry form itself must still be sent to Jean as described above, and that your order number for the payment must be entered on that form as proof of payment. The BBKA looks forward to receiving the majority of Basic fees through the online shop as enrollment coincides with the swarm season when the office staff are often at their busiest.

Please note that, at present, this method of payment applies only for the Basic Assessment.

The BBKA website has the syllabi for all exams and assessments and details of all charges and closing dates.

Within the HBA we facilitate local training towards the Basic, General Husbandry and other Assessments for our members, often in conjunction with other local associations, and these may be listed on this website as ‘Upcoming events’.