Member Associations


All associations are happy for non-members to attend a meeting occasionally but please check with the Secretary, or a member of the committee, that it is convenient for you to attend. A few associations have provided their programme which are shown here, for the others please check their website.

Sec: Jolyon Pope (01264 386836)
Meetings: Picket Piece V. Hall

APRIL Tues 21st Picket Piece V. Hall Beginners 8
Tues 28th Picket Piece V. Hall Beginners 9
Sat 25th Sparsholt College Bee Health Day Nigel Semmence and Team Full day on bee health, for all beekeepers in N. Hampshire

May Sat 2nd Chilbolton Apiary Meeting Jolyon & John Apiary Inspection and Tea

June Sat 20th Shipton Bellinger Apiary Meeting Alan Telfer Apiary Inspection and Tea

July Sat 25th Upper Clatford Apiary Meeting Jim and Charles Apiary Inspection and Tea

August Sat 8th Anna Valley Apiary Meeting Rob and Alex Apiary Inspection and Tea

Sept Sat 19th St. Mary Bourne Apiary Meeting Mike Barrie Apiary inspection and pub lunch

October Tues 6th Picket Piece V. Hall Lecture Norman Carreck Latest developments in scientific studies of bees and pollinators

November Tues 3rd Picket Piece V. Hall Lecture Terry Cooke “The Antiques Road Show”!

December Tues 8th Picket Piece V. Hall Lecture and AGM Bill Summers Demonstration of the Zest Hive following the AGM

January Tues 5th Picket Piece V. Hall Lecture and Honey Show Chris Park Mead, Medicine and Magic

February Tues 2nd Picket Piece V. Hall Lecture Luzia Barclay Propolis and other healing substances

March Tues 1st Picket Piece V. Hall Lecture Gareth John Honeybees natural defences against Varroa

April Tues 5th Picket Piece V. Hall Lecture TO BE CONFIRMED

Avon Valley
Sec: Bernard Hunt (01425 654385)
Meetings: Fordingbridge
Sec: John Fowler
Meetings: Oakley
Sec: Steve Pestell (02392 436169)
Meetings: Stubbington
Sec: Geoff Galliver (01256 702762)
Meetings: Crookham
Sec: Jean Frost (01420 561136)
Meetings: Warnford
Sec: Linda Marais 01489 860260
Meetings: Bishops Waltham
Meetings: Lyndhurst
Sec: Anne Ballard (01420 538315)
Meetings: Petersfield
Sec: Rita Perry
Meetings: Portchester
Romsey & District Beekeepers Association
Meetings: King Johns House, Romsey
17 February  “Reading the comb” a talk by John Hanks
16 March “Swarm control” a talk
19 October Priz-giving and a talk TBC
16 November Atalk by a volunteer from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Sec: Felicity Irons-Smith
January 14th : The Beekeeping Year – John Hanks

March 17th: Bat Conservation – Nick Tomlinson

At present our talks are held at the Gold Academy, Eastleigh, but we may have to move in the New Year (they are hoping to redevelop the site)

We also have an annual frame/equipment making day, usually in March, and social events, BBQ and Christmas lunch.

Sec: Angela Forder-Stent (08445 890142)
Meetings: Itchen Abbas
Sec: Steve Pestell