Romsey Events

Romsey & District Beekeepers Association
Meetings: King Johns House, Romsey
Wednesday 21 February 2018, King John’s House, Romsey“Beekeeping Essentials for people who are short of time” by John Cossburn
Wednesday 21 March 2018, King John’s House, RomseyBeekeepers’ Question Time
Sunday 15 April 2018Apiary visit – Be Prepared for Swarming
Sunday 20 May 2018Apiary visit – Building Up Numbers for the Flow
Sunday 17 June 2018Apiary visit – Dealing with Bad-Tempered Bees
Sunday 15 July 2018Apiary visit – My hive is queen-less!
Sunday 19 August 2018Apiary visit – Honey!
Sunday 16 September 2018Apiary visit – End of Season Disease Checks and Winter Preparations
Wednesday 18 October 2018, King John’s House, RomseyHoney show prize giving followed by a talk – “Use of the Nucleus Hive” by Celia and David Rudland
Wednesday 21 November 2018, King John’s House, Romsey“Mead Making” – a talk by Roger Patterson
Decemberno meeting
Wednesday 16 January 2019, King John’s House, RomseyAGM followed by Cheese and Wine Social