Swarm Liaison Contacts



Local beekeepers are often prepared to collect swarms free of charge, though they do not provide a service for wasps nests, bumble bees or masonary bees. (The Local Authority may provide a service for wasp nests, otherwise a private pest control contractor can be found via the telephone directory.)

It is reasonable for the beekeeper to be reimbursed the travel expense of attending to a swarm, and should this be mentioned before arrival then at least you would have been forewarned. Some beekeepers do charge so be sure you make an agreement. Some beekeepers will collect a swarm because they want the bees to add to their own stocks. But while the bees are being collected a nice cup of tea will rarely be declined.

A swarm will usually go away within a day or so unless captured but they can normally be easily gathered by a beekeeper from a bush or tree unless the swarm is inaccessible or have established a new home when they become more difficult to collect. If the bees have moved into a cavity such a chimney, hollow tree or wall, then it may be impossible to collect and if they are a nuisance may need to be destroyed by a pest control contractor.

To find your nearest Beekeeper and to help you identify the types of bees you have please use the swarm postcode lookup on the British Beekeepers’ Association website.

If you need a list of Hampshire Swarm Contacts for the various associations they are listed below although please use the postcode lookup on the BBKA site first as you will find a beekeeper who is near to you from that site:

Andover & District:Jim Stuart07519397251
Avon Valley:
Basingstoke & District:Ken Trussler/Phil Cooper07580 528482
Fareham & District:Steve Wilson (Fareham)01329 663592
Mike Barringer (Western wards)02380 561792
David Thomas (Gosport)02392 503887
Fleet & District:Geoff Galliver01256 702762
Meon ValleyLucy Frost07471 765750
New Forest & District: Roy Charman02380 843708
Maureen Young02380 848098
Petersfield & District:Greg Cumming07531 901767
Portsmouth & District:John Perry02392 468609
Cliff McGaughey07582 930939
Romsey & District:Gillian Bird07508 716044
Southampton & District:Dave Norris07989 920609
Winchester & District:Duty Coordinator07017 758191