BBKA Online Exam Entry for March 2022 – register by 7 February

Module exams will be sat in the morning of 19th March 2022 and will be available in person and online. 80% of candidates now take the exams online.

Please note that the online registration process is compulsory prior to the online exam. The process of registering online is designed to make sure that candidates have the software they need installed and their computer is suitable and to give BBKA time to help candidates who are experiencing problems.

Some candidates had failed to register online in advance in previous module exams and this has caused a great deal of stress for candidates who often had technical problems and required extra support in the hours leading up to the exams and during the exam itself.

The Examinations Board has decided that the online registration process is compulsory and candidates who do not complete it before the deadline will not be allowed to proceed to take the exam.

The deadline for Module exams applications for March 19th is 7th Feb 2022