The Committee

Position Incumbent Term
Hon. President To be advised  
Hon. Vice Presidents: Mike Lambert Appointed for life
  Tom Woodcock Appointed for life
  Jim Stuart Appointed for life
Executive Officers: Incumbent Association
Chairman John Lauwerys
Meon Valley
Hon. Secretary Janelle Quitman
Hon. Treasurer Mike Lloyd-Owen
Meon Valley
Vice Chairman    
Executive: Incumbent Association
  Avril Tillman Portsmouth
  Marcus Collings New Forest
  Christine Coulsting Romsey
  James Donaldson Fleet
  Jean Frost Meon Valley
  Paula Little Fareham
  Janek Margetts Southampton
  Gillian Bird Romsey
  Bert Laan SW Hampshire
Management Positions    
Membership Secretary Mike Lloyd-Owen  
Education Secretary To be advised  
Examinations Secretary To be advised  
Convention Coordinators Jean Frost, Christine Coulsting, Janelle Quitman, Gillian Bird  
Honey Show Organiser Janelle Quitman and Gillian Bird  
Librarian Avril Tillman  
Delegate to BBKA John Lauwerys, Janelle Quitman  
Heather Permits Peter Grimes  
Minutes Secretary Janelle Quitman  
Asian Hornet Action Team (AHAT) Lead Janelle Quitman
Web Master Gillian Bird and Tom Law