Rules for Use of the Library

  1. The Library is the property of Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association and is normally managed by the Library Committee comprising the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Librarian. The Executive may appoint additional members when deemed necessary.
  2. The Library Committee will meet annually and at other times when deemed necessary.
  3. Borrowing of any item is free of charge but is restricted to full members of the District Associations affiliated to HBA.
  4. Borrowers are required to sign the library records in respect of each item borrowed. Normally no more than 4 items may be on loan to a member at any one time.
  5. The period of loan is usually 2 months but this may be reduced if there is heavy demand for a particular item.
  6. Items from the library MUST NOT be returned by post.
  7. Borrowers are responsible for the safe return of all library material. The borrower is entirely responsible for the replacement cost of any lost or damaged items.
  8. Borrowers must not pass on any Library item to another borrower without the permission of the Librarian. Where permission is granted the ‘new borrower’ must contact the Librarian prior to him/her receiving the item in order that the library records may be updated.
  9. Rare, valuable or very fragile items may only be consulted in the Library.
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