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  • Defra update 3.11.23
    So far in 2023 there have been 71 Asian hornet nests found in 55 locations. KentFollowing active operations in Tenterden, this week the NBU were able to locate a nest which has been destroyed. The NBU is currently conducting enhanced monitoring throughout the Kent county.
  • Defra Update 20.10.23
    Kent Four nests have been found in Kent this week. 1 in the Folkestone area 2 in different locations in the West Downs area 1 in the Dover area. Credible reports are continuing to decrease and are often related to an incident the NBU are already aware of. The NBU are continuing surveillance in the … Continue reading “Defra Update 20.10.23”
  • Hampshire Asian Hornet Conference 2023
    HBA are holding their first Asian Hornet Conference at Itchen Abbas Village Hall, Itchen Abbas, Winchester, SO21 1BQ. The event starts at 09:45 with welcome drinks and is aimed at Association Chairs, Secretaries & AHT Leaders and Officers. The event will concluded at 16:45. The current programme has been forwarded to all association secretaries and … Continue reading “Hampshire Asian Hornet Conference 2023”
  • Defra Update 6.10.23
    So far in 2023 there have been 64 Asian hornet nests found in 49 locations. Kent A nest has been located near Canterbury, Kent, which is due to be destroyed this week. Active operations continue at a complex site on the coast of Kent, a further nest has been located, which has been destroyed today. The … Continue reading “Defra Update 6.10.23”
  • Defra Update 3.10.23
    So far in 2023 there have been 62 Asian hornet nests found in 48 locations. KentA nest has been located close to Canterbury, which is due to be destroyed later this week. Following continued active operations at a complex site on the coast of Kent, a further nest has been located, this is due to … Continue reading “Defra Update 3.10.23”
  • Defra Update 29.9.23
    So far in 2023 there have been 60 Asian hornet nests found in 47 locations. HampshireA nest has been located close to Southampton, which is due to be destroyed next week. East SussexA further nest has been found in Eastbourne, which is thought to be linked to the previous nest found in the area. This … Continue reading “Defra Update 29.9.23”
  • Defra Update 26.9.23
    So far in 2023 there have been 58 Asian hornet nests found in 46 locations. Kent A nest was found in the Deal area and a further nest was found on the Kent coast where several nests were found previously These should be destroyed later this week. East YorkshireA further nest was found in Hull which … Continue reading “Defra Update 26.9.23”
  • Defra Update 22.9.23
    So far in 2023 there have been 54 Asian hornet nests found in 44 locations. Kent This week following active operations in Dover and Maidstone the NBU were able to locate a nest in both locations. The nest in Dover has been destroyed while the nest in Maidstone is due to be destroyed next week. North … Continue reading “Defra Update 22.9.23”
  • BBKA Funding Bus Campaign Across the South of England
    Due to concern over the Asian Hornet incursion, the BBKA is planning a poster campaign on the back of buses in areas affected by Asian hornets. This advertising will roll out across Kent, Devon, Southampton and the New Forest from 25th September. This is the first time BBKA has carried out such a campaign … Continue reading “BBKA Funding Bus Campaign Across the South of England”
  • Defra Update 19.9.23
    Please note new geographical locations in Essex & North Yorkshire So far in 2023 there have been 51 Asian hornet nests found in 43 locations. EssexOver the weekend the NBU were able to locate a nest in Southend-on-Sea which is due to be destroyed this week. Kent This week the NBU responded to a credible … Continue reading “Defra Update 19.9.23”
  • HBA Honey Show & Convention 2023
    Tickets are selling out fast so if you haven’t get yours or booked your workshops, now is the time to do it. Head over to the members area where you can purchase them direct using the link to EventBrite. Due to some local associations holding their honey shows after our initial closing date, we have … Continue reading “HBA Honey Show & Convention 2023”
  • 2023 Asian Hornet Rolling updates
    15/09/2023 So far in 2023 there have been 48 Asian hornet nests found in 40 locations.     Essex  The NBU are currently conducting active operations in Southend-on-Sea.   Kent   Following active operations at new sites in Kent, a nest was found in Folkestone and a nest was found in Maidstone.  London  On the 13th of September the NBU … Continue reading “2023 Asian Hornet Rolling updates”
  • Asian Hornet Rolling Update 11/09/2023.
    So far in 2023 there have been 43 Asian hornet nests found in 36 locations.   East Sussex Following active operations in Hastings over the weekend, the NBU were able to locate a nest which is due to be destroyed shortly. Kent   The NBU are conducting further active operations in the Folkestone area. Hampshire   A site … Continue reading “Asian Hornet Rolling Update 11/09/2023.”
  • Defra update 8.9.23
    So far in 2023 there have been 42 Asian hornet nests found in 35 locations. KentSince the last update the NBU have located a nest at a new location in Whitstable.A nest was also found in Folkestone. As a nest had previously been discovered at this location the number of locations has not increased. Following … Continue reading “Defra update 8.9.23”
  • Defra update of the ongoing Asian hornet situation
    So far in 2023 there have been 37 Asian hornet nests found in 30 locations. KentSince our last update the NBU have located a nest in the West Downs and two nests at separate sites in Dover. An additional nest was found in Rochester and another in Folkestone, nests had previously been located at both … Continue reading “Defra update of the ongoing Asian hornet situation”
  • Hampshire Beekeepers Association Hornet Convention 2023
    HBA are arranging its very first Asian Hornet Convention on Saturday the 11th of November 2023 at Itchen Abbas Village Hall, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1BQ AHT Leaders, Team Members, Chairs and Secretaries can now register for the event through the Special Newsletter on the Asian Hornets that were released through Secretaries on September 4th or … Continue reading “Hampshire Beekeepers Association Hornet Convention 2023”
  • Asian Hornet update from Defra 1.9.23
    So far in 2023 there have been 32 Asian hornet nests found in 27 locations. KentOn the 30th of August the NBU located a nest in central Folkestone which has been destroyed. Following ongoing active operations in a complex location near Folkestone the NBU located 3 nests at the site this week. The NBU has … Continue reading “Asian Hornet update from Defra 1.9.23”
  • Asian Hornet Awareness Week September 4th – 10th
    Join South West Water on Wednesday 6th September 2023 at 2pm at Strawberry Fields, Lifton, PL16 0DH for a talk on the lifecycle, ecology and invasion of this invasive species.
  • Defra update 29.8.23
    So far in 2023 there have been 26 Asian hornet nests found in 23 locations. On the 23rd of August the NBU located 2 nests at a third location in Maidstone, Kent, which will later be destroyed and removed. The NBU has initiated active operations at a site near Canterbury, Kent.
  • Bristol Bee Fair
    If you’re at a loss of what to do this weekend, head over to Bristol for the Pollination Festival. Full details from the link below. Bristol Pollinators Festival
  • Defra update of the ongoing Asian hornet situation 22.8.23
    So far in 2023 there have been 24 Asian hornet nests found in 22 locations. LondonThe NBU responded to a credible sighting of Asian hornet in Thamesmead on the 20th of August. A nest was located yesterday. It will be destroyed and removed later in the week. Kent Over the weekend the NBU located a nest … Continue reading “Defra update of the ongoing Asian hornet situation 22.8.23”
  • Urgent Product Recall – Beekeepers Smoker (Thorne’s)
    Having spoken with Thorne’s this morning, the important thing to note is that the bellows are smooth leather and not the rough type. Product Recall: Large Stainless-Steel Beehive Smoker (2308-0055) Product Recall for Large Stainless-Steel Beehive Smoker presenting a health risk. From: Office for Product Safety and Standards Published 18 August 2023 Alert type:  Product … Continue reading “Urgent Product Recall – Beekeepers Smoker (Thorne’s)”
  • National Bee Unit – Asian Hornet
    The National Bee Unit has confirmed sightings and nests of Asian Hornets in multiply locations across the South of England. For the latest information please view our rolling updates page at:  https://www.nationalbeeunit.com/about-us/beekeeping-news/2023-asian-hornet-rolling-updates/ What Can I Do? A simple monitoring station can be seen in this blog https://aphascience.blog.gov.uk/2021/09/08/asian-hornet-week-hunt-for-asian-hornets/ It’s made using a takeaway tray kitchen towel soaked in … Continue reading “National Bee Unit – Asian Hornet”
  • Help Fight Against The Asian Hornet
    Please find attached some information about Asian hornet we would like every member to receive. It gives information about identifying Asian hornet, the App, and asks all members to put a trap out and monitor and report. The information has been put together on a web page if you could share this via your website … Continue reading “Help Fight Against The Asian Hornet”
  • The Wiltshire Bee & Honey Day 2023.
    HBA members are invited to enjoy this year’s great speakers (see below). Between talks they can stock up for Christmas (yes, I did say that in August) at the exhibitor stands in the main hall, as well as sample some delicious honey beer brewed by Wadworth exclusively for the event. Entry is FREE. Book out … Continue reading “The Wiltshire Bee & Honey Day 2023.”
  • Asian Hornet Coordination Update (BBKA)
    eR2 AH map on the BBKA website It has come to our attention that some AHT people are not appearing on the map. This is because no details have been put in the boxes labelled swarm map postcode/phone numbers on the team members record. Please can you ask your membership secretary to check through and … Continue reading “Asian Hornet Coordination Update (BBKA)”
  • HBA Honey Show & Autumn Convention 2023 Tickets Released
    The tickets have now been released and they are selling. Check with your Association Secretary for the private link or our Private Facebook Group, and the Member’s Area on the website for the link. To make it easier we now have a direct link to buy tickets direct from the Member’s Area.
  • BeePlus
    Another great and recommended app to make your beekeeping record keeping easier is BeePlus. It’s a very simply app with many features. At a cost of £1.99 and no ongoing fees you can’t go wrong for just trying it at that price. https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/beeplus-beekeeping-manager/id1018655661 I’m been trialing it and working with it for over a year … Continue reading “BeePlus”
  • InspectNext Mobile App
    This is an app that is slowly making its rounds from Association to Association and was developed by a beekeeper. It’s certainly worth a try and gives you the optimal or viable conditions for checking your hive. The setting tabs allows you to change the temperatures and wind speeds. This is useful if your hive … Continue reading “InspectNext Mobile App”
  • Asian Hornet Incursion Map
    BBKA and National Bee Unit are all update their system and adding more interesting links and pages. Which this one you can track all incursions of the Asian Hornets since 2016. Asian Hornet Incursion Map We will post further links that will be useful for all beekeepers. And we will add useful links like this … Continue reading “Asian Hornet Incursion Map”
  • New Website Released BBKA Spring Convention – Varroa Resistant Bees & Practical Guides
    Today at the Spring Convention 2023. A new website has been released. Please check out the new website. Varroa Resistant Website This is very useful if you are looking at going down the route of treatment free and raising varroa resistant bees.
  • BBC World Gardeners Spring Fair Starts 28th April
    Start the gardening season in style! Book today and join us 28-30 April, at Beaulieu in the New Forest Get your garden ready for the year ahead with inspiration from Showcase Gardens and Beautiful Borders; the Hillier Experience; expertise on tap at the BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Stage and Theatre of Greens; shopping from over … Continue reading “BBC World Gardeners Spring Fair Starts 28th April”
  • New UK Emergency Alert System (All Mobiles)
    The UK government’s new Emergency Alerts system is now live.The system will enable people to be contacted via their mobile phone when lives are in danger. On Sunday 23 April 2023 at 3pm, there will be a national test of the Emergency Alerts service. It will be used to warn you in the event of emergencies, … Continue reading “New UK Emergency Alert System (All Mobiles)”
  • BBKA Learning Platform Update
    Due to the unique way that Hampshires association are set up, we have had to approach each of the 14 Associations to gain consent before our Treasurer Richard Ray can place a tick in the box on the er2 system. This will then allow members to access the system. All associations have been contacted and … Continue reading “BBKA Learning Platform Update”
  • New Members Area
    HBA has now created a Members Area with members only events, free talks, offers, useful contact and much much more. The password for this has been circulated to all association Chairs, Secretaries, Membership Secretaries and Education Secretaries. It has also been posted in this quarters newsletter. Please check it out. We welcome feedback and suggestions … Continue reading “New Members Area”
  • BBKA Learning Platform
    BBKA has completed the set-up phase of the online Learning Platform. Now, every BBKA Member can access study units by using their BBKA membership number and postcode as a login and creating an account at: https://learning.bbka.org.uk/ We have four types of study units: Units for individual beekeepers (free) Units for the public, to raise awareness … Continue reading “BBKA Learning Platform”
  • Honey is not made of pollen.
    People often assume that bees make honey from pollen. This is untrue. Mostly, bees make honey from the nectar of flowers. However, honey bees occasionally use other plant secretions such as sap if it is sweet and enticing. According to the FDA definition (revised February 2018), honey is “a thick, sweet, syrupy substance that bees make as … Continue reading “Honey is not made of pollen.”
  • Geoff Galliver 1934 – 2023
    Geoff Galliver died on the 14th January 2023  Geoff was the life and soul of the Fleet and District Beekeepers’ Association for decades.  Sparsholt was the venue for his initial beekeeping education in the late 1970s. He built his own hive as part of his introduction to beekeeping at Sparsholt.  The first person many members … Continue reading “Geoff Galliver 1934 – 2023”
  • AFB Vaccine – How much will it help?
    Everyone is talking about the new AFB vaccine. A vaccine for bees is a miraculous milestone in honey bee management, but how much will it help? A vaccine for AFB (American foulbrood) in honey bees is a mind-bending achievement. But will it change the landscape of beekeeping or will colony loss continue unabated? To answer … Continue reading “AFB Vaccine – How much will it help?”
  • BBKA Spring Convention 2023
    BOOK NOW! From Friday 21 to Sunday 23 April 2023 at Harper Adams University, Shropshire, TF10 8NB Lectures, Workshops and Seminars covering a wide range of practical and scientific topics, directed at all levels of experience, presented by leading experts Bumper Trade Show Saturday 22nd Speakers and Tutors include: Randy Oliver (virtually), Samuel Ramsey (virtually), … Continue reading “BBKA Spring Convention 2023”
  • The HBA Quarterly Newsletter
    All Hampshire members should, by now, have received the first edition of the Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association e-newsletter from their association secretary. HBA Winter talks In this newsletter, you will read about the Zoom talks that HBA has arranged. The first will be given on 31st January by Alan Baxter, the HBA AHAT representative. He will … Continue reading “The HBA Quarterly Newsletter”
  • Why Giant Honey Bees Shimmer
    Giant honeybees form open nests uncovered by other materials and “shimmer” when some predators come near. A study is revealing new details about what sets the bees in motion.
  • Scientists evolve a fungus to battle deadly honey bee parasite
    A new heat-resistant fungus might help fight varroa mites, such as the one behind this honey bee’s head. SCOTT BAUER/USDA AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE SHARE The biggest scourge to bees is tiny—a mite the size of a pinhead that feeds on them and spreads deadly viruses. Getting rid of the parasite, Varroa destructor, is tough: Chemicals … Continue reading “Scientists evolve a fungus to battle deadly honey bee parasite”
  • Hives to the Heather 2022 Update
    In the past registered members of HBA have had the privilege of taking a combined maximum of 350 colonies onto the New Forest, spread across several designated areas and enclosures. Forestry England has allow beekeepers who have been granted permits to place their agreed number of hives on sites allocated to them, between 01 July … Continue reading “Hives to the Heather 2022 Update”
  • Reporting Varroa in your Apiary from April 2021
    The following was announced by the National Bee Unit on 12th April 2021: “On 21st April, 2021 an amendment to the Bee Diseases and Pests Control (England) Order 2006 and the Bee Diseases and Pests Control (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2021 comes into force requiring beekeepers and/or officials to report the presence of Varroa in any … Continue reading “Reporting Varroa in your Apiary from April 2021”
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