Urgent Product Recall – Beekeepers Smoker (Thorne’s)

Having spoken with Thorne’s this morning, the important thing to note is that the bellows are smooth leather and not the rough type.

Product Recall: Large Stainless-Steel Beehive Smoker (2308-0055)

Product Recall for Large Stainless-Steel Beehive Smoker presenting a health risk.


Office for Product Safety and Standards


18 August 2023

Alert type: 

Product recall

Risk level: 

Not provided

Product category: 

Hobby / sports equipment

Measure type: 

Recall of the product from end users

Recall/alert date: 

18 August 2023


  1. Summary
  2. Product information
  3. Hazard
  4. Corrective action
  5. Additional information


Product: Large Stainless-Steel Beehive Smoker

Hazard: The product may contain a small amount of chrysotile asbestos which presents a health risk.

Corrective action: The product has been recalled from end users.

Product information


Hobby / sports equipment – Handheld Beehive Smoker

Product identifiers

XM9916, M5002 or XM5002

Country of Origin


Product Description

Large stainless steel handheld smoker used in bee keeping supplied with a light grey leather bellow

Product Report and Image

Link to product image and PDF


The product may contain a small amount of chrysotile asbestos which presents a health risk. If you have got asbestos fibres on your skin and clothes do not shake or brush the fibres off as this will make them airborne and prone to being inhaled. Remove all visible dust and fibres from the body, clothing and footwear by wet wiping with a damp cloth using a gentle patting action.

For further information on the risks presented by asbestos and safety advice, please access the following gov.ukpage: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/asbestos-properties-incident-management-and-toxicology/asbestos-general-information

The product does not meet the requirements of the General Product Safety Regulations 2005.

Corrective action

Recall of the product from end users. For more information, please see: https://www.thorne.co.uk/Product-recall/

Additional information

PSD case number: 2308-0055

Notified by: Local Authority Trading Standards

Published 18 August 2023

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