Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association (HBA)

– promoting and advancing the craft of beekeeping in Hampshire since 1882.
HBA unites members of local beekeeping associations within Hampshire through Conventions, Honey Shows, and Bee Health Days. We encourage and enable beekeeper training throughout the region, and we welcome opportunities to attend public events.


Honey bees on the move are an impressive sight. If you have a swarm of honey bees and would like them to be collected, click here to find your nearest swarm collector.

Interested in beekeeping?

Would you like to keep bees? It’s a fascinating hobby. The most effective way to start is by attending a beginners’ course that is run by experienced beekeepers. Click here to find out more

Asian hornets

The Asian hornet (Vespa Velutina) is a non-native predator of all insects, including our honey bees. Click here to visit the Non-Native Species Secretariat website, or click here for Asian Hornet Identification information. (Image: National Bee Unit)

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