Spray Liaison Contacts

Farmers – do you need to spray crops?
Please let local beekeepers know by registering the information on BeeConnected at least 48 hours in advance.

Many valuable crops benefit from insect pollination. Bees may travel several miles in search of a good food source and honey bee colonies can be severely affected if the flowers they are visiting have been sprayed with chemicals. Please use BeeConnected to warn local beekeepers whenever you plan to use a spray which may be harmful to bees so that the local beekeepers can take precautions.

Beekeepers – please ‘sign up’ to BeeConnected. There is no need to give a grid reference; the website allows you to pinpoint the site on a map. Details are kept safe and secure, and the location of your apiaries is never shared or displayed to anyone but yourself.

‘BeeConnected’ is a trusted website that brings farmers and beekeepers together. Farmers and contractors specify where, when and what they intend to spray; beekeepers within a given radius are automatically informed so that they can take appropriate action.

Whether you are a gardener or farmer please always follow the instructions and only spray at the time and in the climatic conditions described on the label.

Fuller advice on honey bees and plant protection products is available on the APHA/HSE website Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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